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Lloyds Bank Community Fund award for the Lantern Club - Voting

The Lantern Club has been nominated  to receive an award from Lloyds Bank Community Fund and I am being inundated with e-mails from them. It would appear that we at The Lantern Club are responsible for generating votes – the more votes the greater the amount of money awarded.

There are now less than three weeks to go before the Lloyds Bank Community Fund public vote gets underway. This email contains more information about your community as well as confirmation of your unique codes and links for online, SMS and Twitter voting.

You can vote at Lloyds Bank Branches in


Your SMS and Twitter code: BHD

Shortened website link to your profile page: https://lly-cf.com/BHD

To support online voting, we have created a unique shortened website link for your group. This will link directly to your profile page on the Community Fund website. The link and the updated website will not be live until 29 August 2014 - it will not work before this date. Voting will not work until 09:00 on Tuesday 2 September.

To support SMS and Twitter voting, we have created a unique three character code for your group. These codes should not be used until 09:00 on 2 September 2014. SMS or Tweet votes cast before this date won't be counted and your supporters may be charged for SMS text messages.

Holmer Green Heroes

With growing media interest in all aspects of the First World War there can be few unaware that this year is the centenary of the outbreak of the conflict that started on August 4th 1914 and ended four years later on November 11th 1918.

The Royal British Legion lead the village at Turners Place every year observing the two minutes silence which marks Armistice Day. On Remembrance Sunday, following a church parade, they March to the War Memorial where wreaths are laid and the names of the fourteen Holmer Green ‘fallen’ are read out.

These traditions will of course continue and while the media will keep us informed of the bigger picture, it seemed important, over the next four centenary years, to focus our attention on the young men behind the names on our own memorial and remember them individually. What motivated them to leave the Village to fight and eventually to die across the channel? What was life like in the village they left behind?

Much has changed but they would certainly recognise the Common and the Village Centre which was built in 1908 as the school. It is likely that they may have spent their final, formative years there shortly before the War. Although much larger and on its ‘new’ site in Parish Piece. Holmer Green Senior School has inherited the position of its predecessor as the centre of the community, teaching the same values, sense of duty and citizenship, one hundred years later. This was confirmed at a recent school assembly when Mrs. Scatley, head of the history department, asked pupils to help research the names on the War Memorial in their free time. Thirty pupil volunteers immediately stepped forward.

The intention is that from their research they will write a short essay on each soldier which they will read as a short eulogy at a Remembrance Ceremony on the Centenary of his individual sacrifice. There will be fourteen ceremonies over the next four years. The Royal British Legion are planning the format of these and the proposed venue is to be in front of the Village Centre opposite the Village flag.

A long term objective is to publish these essays in the context of a local history that will form a permanent record and tribute. Stuart King has a good deal of background knowledge but to achieve the objectives we need your help.

The list of names is at the end of this article. Are any of them familiar to you? Were they, perhaps, family members and do you have, within your present family, any accounts of their war years? If you have any information which you believe might add to this project, please contact Stuart King on 01494 71202701494 712027 or Gordon Howland on 01494 71640901494 716409.

It is sometimes easy for us to take for granted the privilege we enjoy today of living in Holmer Green. Each of the following individuals, by his actions, one hundred years ago, deserves our gratitude for his part in granting us that privilege.















Ian Harvey